Subtle Transformations is dedicated to supporting people in their journey of self-discovery. Whether you have reached this starting place because of illness, emotional stress or wanting support in transforming your life, Subtle Transformations through energy healing, Reiki, and meditation techniques gives you the tools and knowledge to find peace, balance and the ability to come home to the extraordinary person that is you.

Subtle Transformations works with healing energy that gets to the “root” of your issues. You will learn to identify and release energy patterns that are causing imbalances. Through individual Dzogchen Meditation instruction and intuitive counseling, Mimi Malfitano guides your journey.

To begin your journey of self-discovery all you need is an openness to explore and discover how your subtle energy is blocked in your mind and body. Once you become aware of the blockages, then you can begin the process of remembering who you really are.