Subtle Transformations is dedicated to supporting people in their journey of self-discovery. Subtle Transformations was founded in 2003 by Mimi Malfitano. Mimi is a gifted meditation teacher, reiki master and facilitator. She is graced with the gifts of healing with compassion and holding reverence for the sacredness of each individual”s journey. Mimi creates a safe space for individuals to explore and experience the self with love, delight and an open heart. Mimi has extensive training in multiple disciplines and has performed hundreds of healings to balance physical issues such as: thyroid imbalance, joint problems, and sinus issues. She has experience working with emotional issues related to grief, depression and abandonment. Mimi is a Reiki Master, a Master Bodybreath practitioner and experienced in Kinesis. She is a volunteer healer with the Washington National Cathedral’s Crossroads Program and continues to study Dzogchen at the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies. She creates and presents new coursework on the power of meditation and awareness. Mimi holds a degree in Sociology. Subtle Transformations is a member of: The Holistic Entrepreneurs Alliance Washington National Cathedral Healing Circle


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