Explore. Discover.

No matter where you are in your journey-curious beginner or seasoned explorer. Subtle Transformation (ST) offers unique and creative opportunities to expand your experience and understanding of yourself through workshops, meditation groups, private counseling and healing sessions. ST’s workshops, meditation groups and private sessions focus on practical issues such as:

Reclaiming Your Emotions. Experiencing your emotions with the “understanding” of what lies beneath is the first step in stopping the cycle of reactivity and learning how to be at peace.

Guiding Change Through Body Awareness. Exploring the underlying issues that create illness is the beginning of reclaiming your ability to make healthy choices and regain pleasure in your body.

Creating Successful Relationships. Discovering the underlying issues that fuel repetitive behaviors that stifle personal and working relationships is the path to satisfying relationships in your life.

Getting Unstuck. Learning to tap into the flow of your subtle energy is the way to reducing resistance and clear unwanted or “stuck” energy. Transforming Negative Emotions: In ST’s Awareness Through Meditations classes you will learn how to become more open and aware of the subtle energy in your body and how to use this life force energy to transform negative emotions.

Healing Spaces. Mimi Malfitano, healer and founder of Subtle Transformation, works with the belief that each person is their own healer. She respects, honors and holds a safe healing environment so you can relax into your own experience and discovery. She also can support your journey at home by assisting you in creating your own healing space.

Healing Hearts. The power of love and compassion can heal the most wounded heart. Through years of experience as an energy healer, Mimi is committed to holding healing space for individual and group transformation. As clients are exposed to their own loving healing energies, it opens a space to heal their hearts and connect them to their own ability to love deeply and feel compassion. Through this deep level of healing and compassion, the door is open for healing vibrations to resonate with everyone.

Healing Environments. Mimi’s passion is creating healing environments through group meditation. Having moved from the corporate to the healing world, she understands how stress and tension can arise when people lose touch with where they are in the moment creating a need to rebalance and refocus. These groups help participants reconnect and balance as well as experience the subtle and real influence of energy. Participants learn how heightened awareness can help transform and heal their environments. Through this gained awareness, everyone’s gifts and talents can flow resulting in a more relaxed work pace with high productivity and focus.

Starting Out. The journey always begins NOW in this moment. Being present to what is in any particular moment is the first step in coming home. Whether you have reached this starting place because of illness, emotional stress or wanting support in transforming your life, Subtle Transformations will give you the tools and knowledge to find peace, balance and the ability to come home to the extraordinary person that is you. Subtle Transformations works with healing energy that gets to the “root” of your issues. You will learn to identity and release energy patterns that are causing imbalances. To begin your journey of self-discovery all you need is an openness to explore and discover how your subtle energy is blocked in your mind and body. Once you become aware of the blockages, then you can begin the process of remembering who you really are.

Let’s Journey Together

Are your ready to experience how Meditation and Reiki can create a better life balance and provide a deeper understanding into your unique journey? If so, please contact Mimi at 703 820 6396.


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