What people say

Energy is a very funny thing. By it’s very nature it is difficult to comprehend and even harder to understand it’s effects on your body and soul. We do not realize how blocks in energy – those that arise from this life and those in the past, debilitate us.

That is where Mimi comes in – with laser perception and incredible intuition she can hone in those blocked areas that, although burdensome, have become such a part of ourselves that we fail to see the insidious damage.

Unlike other healers – Mimi is trained in so many techniques that she can easily fit the program to whatever needs may arise. There is certainly nothing “one size fits all” about her approach. She can heal with light, sound, touch – crystals and I have had more than one trip to past lives!

The transformation may be subtle but the impact is tremendous. Delving back into the past and into your soul may be frightening to some and that is where you need a skilled and loving practioner to ease the path.

I can’t begin to illuminate the ways that my visits with Mimi have empowered me to address areas that hid deep in my soul and prevented me from realizing my full potential. Both personally and professionally I have grown and become more enriched by her incredible healing powers.

Joan – Arlington, VA

Mimi’s subtle work allowed me begin clearing the clutter from my mind and life and have faith in my passion and purpose. Her amazing presence creates a peaceful, comfortable space in which to safely exhume the true sources of “stuck-ness” and learn to let it go. Her work fosters courage and strength; I am amazed at and grateful for the amount of positive change she’s helped me to manifest in my life.

Melanie – Arlington, VA

When I first came to meet Mimi, my impressions were “I don’t think so” and “just what is she thinking, this is a great hoax”. I came to respect Mimi because she stood strong and firm against all my doubt and questions.

Thinking there wasn’t much she could do to help me out, I thought I’d check out what her processes are like. I walked out 2 hours later a changed person.

While the firm is called “Subtle Transformations”, I think of her firm as “Upside the Head with a Brick Transformations”. I now stand in awe of this smiling petite woman who lovingly takes you into her care, and then completely destroys the barricades you’ve built around yourself. Then, I walked away not a destroyed man, but one who has a new feeling of light and ease.

I now feel very comfortable in referring Mimi to even the biggest new-age skeptic; she’s strong, determined and capable. And she does it all with maternal love.

Washington, DC

Mimi Malfitano’s gift for listening and asking deeply insightful questions along with her powerful ability to affect the body’s energy resulted in a beautiful healing for me.

Alexandria, VA


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